This week is Nineteenth Week in Ordinary Time 

Benefice Magazine

After Easter Fr Ian is looking towards producing a Benefice Magazine but needs YOUR help with this.  He is willing to edit it but he needs people to be responsible for certain sections, collate information & forward it to him.  At the back of each church you will find a sheet outlining these sections.  Please put your name next to a section you are willing to be responsible for.  Should the sections not be filled then the magazine cannot go ahead as he hasn’t the time to do it all and this would be a shame as it would be a great outreach opportunity squandered.

Place of Welcome

As many of you will be aware we are opening both our churches during the week as a ‘Place of Welcome,’ St Michael’s on a Tuesday 11am-1pm and St Mary Magdalene’s on a Thursday 11am-1pm.  A ‘Place of Welcome’ is a space for everyone in the community to come and feel at home.  You will find a friendly face, a cup of tea/coffee, food and a conversation if and when needed (all free).

* Everyone is Welcome, and there is no charge

* A Place of Welcome is somewhere to Connect, to Belong, to Contribute.

* Open to everyone, so please drop in.

We could do with more people in both churches to get involved - we presently have two in each church but we really need more.  Please give your name to Fr Ian if you are interested.  If we had more people involved in simply serving the tea/coffee & food and being available to chat then a rota could be produced so that the same people weren’t doing it every week.


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