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 We like to think of our church as a 'jewel' at the heart of Winton.  Visitors are often surprised to come across such a beautiful building on the edge of a large council housing estate.  In fact the church was built before the estate, in 1913-1914, replacing the modest 'tin-church' of 1903 which stood in Catherine Street, beside the present church hall (formerly the school, built 1888). 



The great benefactor of the church was Francis Egerton, 3rd Earl of Ellesmere, who not only gave the land on which the church stands but also provided £4,000 to construct the chancel and sanctuary.  The remaining £1,900 was in a large part provided by a huge pageant held in the grounds of Worsley New Hall.  The architect was R T Beckett of Chester, who designed other similar churches in the North Wales area.

Construction was halted by the outreak of the First World War, at which time the chancel and chapel, with vestries and three bays of the nave had been completed.  The tower had risen above the ridge of the nave roof, but no further, and a temporary flat roof was added (since replaced twice)  The open ends of the nave and aisles were filled in with a temporary brick wall, in contrast to the red Runcorn Sandstone of the rest of the building.

Various revised plans to complete the church were drawn up, but by 1932, costs had risen dramatically and the church council were divided on the subject, and so the plans were shelved.  In 1970 a new narthex designed by D Butress was constructed and dedicated, and a new facing was give to the west wall.

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